Where to buy steroids in the UK?

Whenever you look at a sports person you always want to have a physique like them. But before thinking about the hard work they do to gain this muscular body you always think about the drugs or steroids that they use. This is a general human tendency. But this article will give you a different outlook about steroids and their involvement in body building.

  • What is actually a steroid?

According to a common man, steroid is basically a drug which is used for becoming bigger and stronger. They believe that sports people win all these medals because they take steroids. But that’s not true. That’s actually a myth. Scientifically steroids are a group of drugs which are synthetically similar to testosterones. Testosterone is a male hormone basically but it is also found in females in very less amount. Testosterone has two effects. One is androgenic effect and other is anabolic effect. Androgenic effects influence sexual characteristics whereas the anabolic effect influences building of muscles and strength. As steroids are designed similar to that of testosterone they differ in some aspects. They onlyincreasethe anabolic effect.Steroids also have one more role to play. They have anti inflammatory properties. As a result they help in easy recovery from any injuries. This aspect is very helpful for people in the sports field.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a steroid

As any drug steroids also have some positive as well as negative aspects.


  • As steroids have anti inflammatory feature, they protect your body from injury and also help in fast recovery from injuries. So doctors suggest steroids for sports people.
  • They help in building body muscle,strength, and endurance.
  • They also increase the ability of your body to use proteins. As a result they give you more energy and stamina to do more workouts.


Like any other drug steroids also have their side effects. In women they increase the level of male hormone. Features of male body start showing up in females.In males,steroids give an initial boost up in sex drive for a short term and then later on suppressing the natural testosterone output.Steroids when used on doctor’s prescription do not lead to more side effects. But it can be dangerous based on several factors.

  • Dosage
  • Period of time
  • State of health of the person using.
  • Mode of taking the drug.

Involvement in sports and body building

It is not true that when you take steroid you suddenly become bigger and stronger. It only enhances your stamina and gives you strength to do more and effective workout. It also helps people in sports for protection against injuries and if at all any injury happens, it provides easy and fast recovery.

Where to buy steroids?

You can buy steroids from any pharmacy across the UK. But to buy steroids from the pharmacy you will need a prescription.But if you want to buy online you don’t need any prescription.

Buying online gives more option to search and find reviews on each product. But be careful about scammers. Make sure that it’s a trustworthy website.