Everything that you take in this world has a positive and negative effect. Likewise drugs or steroids also have a positive and negative side. We are familiar with the negative side. We know that it is dangerous, life threatening, etc. But it is not completely true. Many negative aspects that we know are myths. In this article we will try to see the positive and negative side of taking these drugs and also the myths that we have in our mind. Among the steroids we will discuss about a drug called winstrol. You will also get information on where to buy winstrol in the UK.

What is winstrol?

Winstrol is a common name of a drug called stanozolol. It belongs basically to steroid family. Winstrol is a synthetic form of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone. So winstrol also mimics testosterone in body muscle formation.


  • It is useful in treating anaemia.
  • It is also successful in treating hereditary angioedema.
  • This drug also enhances the performance of a person in sports. That is why it is being banned for use in many sports competitions.
  • These drugs are also being used in animals’ in order to increase RBC production, bone density and also muscle growth.


In rare cases people who usewinstrol experience headache and cramps in their muscle.You can also see an increase in their cholesterol level.

Application in sports

This drug is generally used by sports person and body builders. They use it in order to maintain lean body mass by losing fat,i.e, it is generally used in a cutting cycle. So you retain your lean body mass. But it has not been proved scientifically that it burns fat. This drug is by far the most important and useful drug for athletes. Because it will increase their stamina and speed. It also increases strength in athletes.

Application in body building

This drug is useful for body builders when they are dieting. Winstrol will help to maintain lean body mass. It will just make your muscle harder. So you get a good looking physique. But keep in mind that you have to start using it when you have lean body mass. Then only it will make your muscle harder. If you are already having a heavy body mass and then do not complain that your muscles are not getting harder by taking winstrol.When you are dieting you lose muscle tissues.This will decrease your strength. By taking winstrol you can avoid this. It will help you maintain your strength while in dieting also.

Where to buy winstrol in UK?

You can buy winstrol from any pharmacy by providing them the prescription. You can also order them online. But when you are ordering online, check for original products. Genuine winstrol can be identified if kept undisturbed in its bottle for a long period of time. It will form two layers. Water suspension will be at the bottom of the bottle and the crystal part will be at the top.

Buying online even though is an nowadays beaware of the websites that you are using for purchase.