buy Cytomel

Most who buy Cytomel do so because of its incredible ability to melt away fat. Body builders striving for their ideal physique know that in order to ideally define their muscles they have to get rid of the fat that hides them. They buy Cytomel because it is ideal for that purpose.

Cytomel is actually synthetic T3, a hormone that regulates the food or stored fat that produces energy via the mitochondria. Often called the cells' powerhouses, mitochondria produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is used by the body to store energy. Cytomel increases the oxidation, or speed that nutrients and stored fat is burned for energy. ATP will look for and absorb anything that can provide it energy to store.

As ATP searches for energy sources your metabolism will go into overdrive, making all your energy absorption and production resources work harder. That means that even more fuel is needed. In other words, you get more "work" out of everything you ingest because your body is burning energy at a higher rate. If you're trying to lose fat, Cytomel will do half the work for you.

Because ATP is not particular about what it uses for energy, you should take one or more anabolic steroids to prevent your body from eating muscle tissue as fuel. People on extremely low calorie diets often lose a lot of weight but since the body naturally hoards fat, most of that weight loss is muscle. Making sure you give your body enough fuel will insure that you lose fat, not the healthy muscle tissue that you've worked so hard to build.

Many body builders buy Cytomel in order to get rid of those last few stubborn pockets of fat, particularly before a competition. This "sticky fat" is very reluctant to be burned but with ravenous ATP looking for fuel, that extra fat doesn't stand a chance.

There are few side effects caused by Cytomel. Since it is a T3 hormone, it will increase growth hormone production. This can result in compromised nitrogen retention. Insufficient nitrogen will compromise healthy muscle growth and send a signal to the body that more nutrients are needed. The body then does its best to store fuel and the fuel as fat. Dieters will like the fact that it will increase the rate that your fat tissues' beta 2 receptors burn those cells.

Cytomel has suffered from underserved rumors that it will impair and even destroy a person's natural thyroid function. You've probably heard stories about people who had to go one permanent medication to make their thyroid function normally after they buy Cytomel and use it. These are just not true. Studies have proven that these stories and other are grossly mistaken, citing the majority of users that recovered their thyroid function very quickly. Some subjects used Cytomel repeatedly for months at a time and had no subsequent problems with their natural thyroid functions.

In short, if you want to lose fat safely and have hard, defined muscles you should buy Cytomel.