steroids for sale

When you go on the internet to look for steroids for sale, do you ever wonder just how long people have been using them? Synthetic testosterone has been around much longer than people think and surprisingly, laws prohibiting its use in sports are fairly recent.

Steroid use dates back to the first Olympic games whose athletes ate raw animal testicles in preparation for competition. Although they did not understand the function of hormones they knew that their performance, strength, and endurance were noticeably greater and the more they ingested, the more they improved. Thanks to Arnold Berthold, a German scientist, we now have the modern form of steroids that don't turn your stomach to think about.

Berthold was curator of the Gottingen zoo and was curious as to why male animals lost their fertility as well as masculine characteristics when they were castrated. Experimenting on roosters in 1849 he discovered that he could restore their male behavior when he transplanted testes into castrated roosters.

There wasn't much more done to study steroids until another scientist by the name of Charles Brown-Sequard injected himself from extracts he made from animal testes. In 1889 he reported that he'd found the fountain of youth in the form of similar injections. Although he was off base in such claims, his work did inspire others to investigate the benefits of testosterone.

By 1939 Leopold Uzicka of Croatia and Adolf Butenandt of Germany won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their creation of artificial testosterone. By then, the role of hormones in the human body was recognized and doctors treated both men and women with hormone imbalances with synthetic testosterone.

Steroids for sale in a form similar to today's steroids hit the market in the 1950s. There were few regulations and bodybuilders were delighted with the results. Steroids for sale in gyms were the norm and they were also available over the counter in many pharmacies. A Dr. John Ziegler, team doctor for the World Weightlifting Championships in 1954, discovered that the Soviets swept the competition away partially because they had received testosterone injections. In the early 1960s Ziegler worked with Ciba, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, to produce synthetic testosterone in a small pink pill called Dianabol. Dianabol was popular in weight lifting circles but it was also used to successfully treat children with Turner Disease syndrome.

There have been steroids for sale for nearly a century and now there are more than a hundred different types to choose from. We can all be grateful to the far-sighted scientists that developed these steroids since they are also used successfully for medical reasons. And now body builders and other athletes can buy steroids for sale rather than having to ingest raw animal testes!