Bold 200

If you want to build lean, strong muscles while increasing endurance, Bold 200 is something you should consider when choosing the right steroid. Also known as Equipoise or EQ, Bold 200 will help you reach your goals with very few side effects.

One of the major disadvantages to most steroids, especially oral steroids, is the damage that they can do to the liver. Some are highly toxic and can do considerable damage. Bold 200 is administered through intramuscular injects, bypassing the liver, and the little that does get filtered through that organ has proven to be relatively harmless.

This steroid was discovered while researchers were attempting to make a steroid similar to D-bol but longer acting. The properties of this steroid encouraged further development since it actually displayed some significant benefits. Bold 200 was developed originally for use in racehorses once it was found that it increases protein syntheses in muscle cells. The process allows nutrients to be circulated more effectively throughout the body and thus makes better use of the food you ingest. Better still, it increases the red blood cell count, distributing more oxygen to your muscles.

The increased oxygenation of cells is a big reason why this particular steroid is so popular. Muscles need the proper nutrition as well as vigorous training but that's all moot without the proper oxygen supply. Increasing the oxygenation of your cells makes you healthier overall and allows muscles to grow larger and harder.

You'll find that Bold 200 acts more slowly than other steroids but you get steady progress and high quality gains. A ten week cycle will give most people well defined, solid looking muscles and best of all, you'll retain your progress once you stop taking it. It's also a great tool for building mass, especially if you combine it with Testosterone or Anadrol; this method should give you superior strength and muscle gains.

You'll find that water retention is not a problem and there is 50% less aromatization than with Testosterone. Bold 200 has side effects but they are not common. These include acne, oily skin, and increased aggression. Women like it because it rarely has virilizing effects. Since it depresses endogenous testosterone levels, a post cycle regime of HCG and Clomid is advisable once each cycle is over.

All in all Bold 200, a strong anabolic with moderate androgenic attributes, is one of the safest steroids you can take for gradual but steady quality muscle growth.