Methyltrienolone is an oral steroid sometimes sold under the name Metribolone. It was developed by Roussell-UCLAF in the 60s but not commercially released because it proved to be extremely toxic.

This steroid saw limited use in the 90s because athletes were able to take it and still pass doping tests, mainly because so little of it was needed to get the desired results. Testing has dramatically improved, however, and Methyltrienolone is now detectable. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics there were 11 weightlifters and 4 track and field contestants competing for Greece that tested positive for Methyltrienolone.

This is said to be the most potent steroid in existence today and also the most toxic. Its potency is due to the fact that it binds strongly to the androgen receptor, so much so that it is the litmus test for studies on how other androgens bind. This binding is important because androgen receptors in fat can be persuaded to burn that fat instead of store it as the body tends to naturally. The androgen receptors in muscle tissue can be made to encourage growth. The more persistently the androgen binds to the receptors, the higher the positive effect on fat and muscle. Its anabolic to androgenic ratio is the highest of any steroid made today, which makes it the most potent ever produced. Methyltrienolone kicks your body into high gear, encouraging its natural functions on an accelerated basis.

Methyltrienolone has so far only been used as a research chemical and never officially distributed by pharmacies or as a dietary supplement. It has, however, been produced on the black market. Basically, it is Trenbolone with a methyl group added so that it can be orally administered. There are injectable forms of it would not be an understatement to say that most of these are counterfeit. does not aromatize

Even very small doses will give you huge gains in strength and size. Methyltrienolone does not aromatize but it does have some progestational properties that can make estrogen effects more pronounced.

Strong chemicals cause strong side effects and Methyltrienolone is no exception. You may suffer disfiguring acne, hair loss, high blood pressure, and prostate hypertrophy. It is extremely toxic to the liver even at low doses so it is not advisable to use it for more than 3-4 weeks at a time. Because of these side effects most people will use a less potent but safer alternative.

In spite of the harsh side effects, this steroid is somewhat popular for pre-competition stacking because it produces such a rock hard, well defined look.

You'll want to seriously consider the side effects and look at alternatives before you make a decision. Methyltrienolone can give you the gains you want and a superbly sculpted physique if you use it carefully and very briefly.