Many athletes have never heard of Turinabol or if they have, they don't know anyone who has managed to get hold of some. This oral steroid was developed by Jenapharm, a laboratory and manufacturing facility created solely to make steroids for East Germany's athletes. During the Cold War Germany went to great lengths to insure their dominance of the games. In fact, the state sponsored a massive doping regime* for its athletes; Turinabol was one of the steroids of choice because it was undetectable by the tests at that time.

British Dragon, a huge underground lab, got hold of the formula during the 60s and its use in UK became widespread. Very few labs manufacture it now and the original British Dragon is out of business. When you do manage to find Turinabol (or Tbol) it can be quite pricey.

Turinabol's chemical composition enables it to reduce SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) to free more testosterone that can then be utilized more efficiently. Be aware that it slows down the clotting process due to its fibrinolytic attributes. Since anabolic steroids tend to increase hematocrit levels, you will find that you'll bleed longer from a cut. If you are taking blood thinners you should not take Turinabol.

This unique steroid will give you solid muscle gain over several weeks with corresponding gains in strength. You'll build solid muscle mass with little water retention and very few side effects. While it increases size and strength, it won't give you the mass that other steroids will. It gives the most benefit during a weight loss phase, helping you maintain strength and push through your workouts more forcefully. Plus, it out of your system quickly. In fact, those who are subject to tests can quit taking it 5 days before a test and get a clean reading.

The side effects of Turinabol are minimal and rare but include acne, aggression, gastrointestinal pain, and increased libido in both men and women. The worst consequence if possible liver damage. If you are already healthy your liver enzymes and testosterone levels will usually return to normal when you stop taking it.

Women usually use milder steroids because of the virilizing effects; there are very few women who start bodybuilding with the goal of looking anything like a man. Turinabol produces a higher reward on a milligram per milligram basis than other steroids that women favor and low dosages will reduce the chances of developing male characteristics. A woman's ideal dose is about a quarter of that of a man's, about 5 mg per day to start and a max of 10 mg.

Although Turinabol can be hard to find, it is well worth it to those that want to gain strength and build a clean, defined musculature.

* In 2005, legal action by former East German athletes forced Jenapharm to establish a compensation fund worth over $4 million for victims of state sponsored mandatory steroid use that included Turinabol.