buy Letrozole

The overwhelming majority of those who buy Letrozole are oncology patients combating breast tumors. However, there are many medications that are used medically but favored by body builders for the other benefits, and even the side effects, that they can take advantage of. Letrozole, whose brand name is Femara, is one such drug.

Letrozole is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor that body builders find very useful for negating the estrogen that causes Gyno, or enlarged breasts in men. It prevents the aromatase enzyme from changing androgens to estrogen. Research shows that it's the most effective aromatase inhibitor on the market today, reducing estrogen levels by nearly 100%.

Other studies have shown that Letrozole can raise testosterone levels in men by 99% in older men and 323% in younger men. It can produce reduce estrogen levels by more than 33% with a mere 20 microgram dose. The only drawback is that it has a very short half life of 2-4 days and must be taken for up to two months in order to achieve a consistent level in the bloodstream.

Researchers are also studying Letrozole as a way of preventing the halt in bone growth that is seen in children. This should be of particular interest to younger body builders who don't want to take a chance on retarding their long bone growth. Since the typical male does not stop growing until age 24-25, many young body builders make a choice to sacrifice stature for the physique they crave.

Before you buy Letrozole you should know that estrogen is essential for a healthy male body. It is critical for a healthy immune system, your joint health, your brain functions, and a healthy level of total cholesterol. Estrogen even helps build healthy muscle tissue. If you reduce the estrogen in your body so levels that prevent it from doing its job you could be seriously compromising your health. The solution is to ignore the manufacturer's dosage recommendations and reduce it to 1mg or less. This will allow it to do what you need without too great a threat to your health.

Letrozole is a great asset to for body builders that are days away from competition. It gives a clean, ripped look that shows off your body at its best. A 4-6 week cycle is usually sufficient to get rid of the estrogen and water prior to competition. You should avoid any type of estrogen suppressing steroid or medication for at least 4 weeks after you take Letrozole to allow your body to recover its normal estrogen levels.

There are pros and cons to anything you put into your body in order to build bulk, muscle up, or cut down and Letrozole is no exception. As with any other aid to body building, you should examine all your options before deciding to buy Letrozole.